From a Friday night party in my West Village apartment in October 2012.

Zee Perry, Kat Przyjemski, and Asya Passinsky

Carlotta Pavese and Lisa Miracchi

Carter Eskew and Carol Steen

Nada Gligorov

Marília Espírito Santo and Katya Vostrikova

Cake from Sam and Diane

Ned Block and Jane Adams

Tina Eliassi-Rad, Pritha Raysircar, Henry Jackman

Ben Levinstein and Branden Fitelson

Julia Wrigley and Hartry Field

With Heather Berlin

Elliot Paul and Henry Jackman

Tamar Lando and Jim Pryor

With Qu Hsueh Ming and Rosa Cao

Mike Zhao


David Rosenthal

Monica Hofstader

Gary Marcus and Monica Hofstadter

Maria Loohufvud and Elliot Paul

With Monica and Jane



Will and Amanda MacAskill

Sandra Lindgren

Jane Adams and Giovanni Merlo

Nina Isaksson and Maria Loohufvud

Katie Keene

Nick and Brett Riggle

Will, Amanda, and Carlotta

Marty the landlord

Henry Jackman and Heather Berlin

XX and Dan Leafe

Damon Horowitz and Heather Berlin

Party from above

Scrabble moment: Q and Zee

Grace and Zee

Erica Schumener and Tiensmu Ma guard the door

Elliot and Michelle

Michelle and Grace

Vera Flocke and Matt Mandelkern

Vera and Harjit Bhogal

Harjit, Michelle, Katie, Zee

Rosa Cao and Andy Snyder

Henry Shevlin and George Baroud

Elliot and Asya

Katie, Harjit, Zee, and Michelle

Elliot and Asya

Mike Zhao, Maureen Eckert, Henry Jackman


Asya and Elliot


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