Pics from a workshop on "The Virtual, the Real, and the Fictional" at the Center for Computer Games Research at the IT University in Copenhagen on June 24-25, 2018.

The IT university building (we were in 3a).

Waxing lyrical about the fictional

Jesper Juul

Jesper juul on the real and the fictional

Paal Antonsen, Mark Silcox

John Sageng against virtual digitalism

Espen Aarseth (director of the computer games research center) advocating ludo-realism

Espen Aarseth

Espen is a big fan of Kendall Walton

Zuzanna on VR and pretend play

Zuzanna on VR and pretend play

Mark Silcox, Zuzia Rucinska

Aaron Meskin, John R. Sageng, Tannlegen Espen Aarseth, Ida Jørgensen, Jesper Juul, Paal Antonsen, Mark Silcox, Pawel Grabarczyk

Pawel (workshop organizer) on virtual realism

Pawel Grabarczyk, Ida Jørgensen, Jesper Juul, Paal Antonsen, Mark Silcox

Aaron Meskin

Jesper Juul

Claudia Passos, Paal Antonsen, Mark Silcox, Aaron Meskin

Zuzia Rucinska, Claudia Passos

Espen Aarseth, Jesper Juul

John R. Sageng

Mark on vr and the metaphysics of pretense

Paal on tigger's de se attitudes

Pawel Grabarczyk

Ida on the semantics of tetris

Aaron and jon defend virtual fictionalism

Aaron Meskin

Aaron Meskin

Aaron Meskin, Espen Aarseth, Ida Jørgensen, Pawel Grabarczyk, Mark Silcox

Books from the computer games center

Pawel Grabarczyk

Zuzia Rucinska

Mark Silcox

David Chalmers

Mark Silcox, Heidi Silcox

Zuzia Rucinska, David Chalmers, Mark Silcox, Pawel Grabarczyk, John R. Sageng

Mark Silcox, John R. Sageng, Pawel Grabarczyk

They have strong views about kant in copenhagen

Dissolving into virtuality

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