From the NEH Summer Institute on Experimental Philosophy, visited on July 13-14, 2009.

Shaun Nichols and Ron Mallon

Paul Saka and Mark Phelan, making the international x-phi symbol

Jeanine Schroer and Alexandra Bradner

Jen Wright and Justin Fisher

Emily Esch and Amy Coplan

Adina Roskies and Enzo

With Hagop Sarkissian, Ryan Nichols, Kevin Timpe, Ron Mallon

Richard Kamber, Hagop, Casey O'Callaghan, Ryan, Amy, Kevin, Ron

Lije Millgram

Chris Weigel, Tamler Sommers, Josh Weisberg, Justin Fisher

Ángel Pinillos and James Beebe

Ryan Nichols and Hagop Sarkissian

Ron, Amy, Kevin, Casey

Casey and Tamler

Rafting philosophers: Josh, Anand Vaidya, Linda Palmer, Justin, Fritz, Emily Esch, Steve Morris (back), Ryan, Mark, Paul, Ángel, Mike Shaffer, Emily Shaffer {front)

Ryan, Steve, Paul


Mark, Josh, Linda

Raft 1: With Fritz, Linda, Ángel, XX (guide), Emily, Mike

Raft 2: Mark, Emily, Josh, Justin, Paul, Ryan, Steve

Action shot




Emily and Mike



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