Photos from the third biennial "End of Consciousness" party, held at the end of Tucson 2004 (April 11, 2004).

Adrienne and Keith Lehrer

Uriah Kriegel and Andy Brook

Lilian Jacques

XX, Olivia Carter, Connie Hofstoetter

With Jim Laukes

Evan Harris Walker and Trudi Strickland

Marc Johansen (without muumuu) and Michelle Jenkins

Jake Daly and Helen Habermann

Julia Annas, Josh Greene, David Owen

With Steve Torrance

Jorien van Loon and Aaron Ostrovsky

Mike Harnish and Csilla Pasztor

With Brad Thompson and Erin O'Bryan

Stephanie and Keith

With Jessica Rafka, Jorien van Loon, Uzi Awret

Jared Blank and Josh Weisberg

Around the pool

Ron Chrisley and XX

Dancefloor: Kenny, XX, Angie, etc

Couch shot

Ted Hazelton

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