Photos from Tucson 2004, the sixth Tucson "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, from April 7-11, 2004.

With Sue Blackmore

Karen Yan, Ned Block, Steve Pinker

The Matrix as Metaphysics

Dan Dennett's stream of consciousness

Terry Horgan, Dan Wegner, Roy Baumeister on conscious will

Wendy Shields, Peter Carruthers, Janet Metcalfe on animal metacognition

Valerie Stansfield's Consciousness Grid (with Ron Chrisley)

Justin Fisher and his prize-winning poster

Mike Bruno on Dancing Qualia

With Costa Vakalopoulos

Charley Tart on enlightenment

Tobias Schlicht and Connie Hofstoetter talking about Kant

Brian and Elif Felsen

Conscious/Zombie stamps

Marina Petric and artwork

Peter Carruthers and Andy Brook

Dawn and Zoltan Torey

Hallucinogen neuroscientists: Tom Ray and Franz Vollenweider

Sam Clark and Stu Hameroff

Gregg Rosenberg, Godehard Br√ľntrup, Emmett Holman

Jonathan Bricklin, Craig Hamilton, Allan Combs, Herb Korpell

David Leopold and Jack Pettigrew

Poetry Slam Band: Tony Bell, Reimund Acker, Anthony Hudetz

The Heterophenomenology Trio: Van Youngman, Dan Dennett, Sue Blackmore

Dan and Van

Poetry Slam co-winners: Elif Savas Felsen and David Serotkin

Sue Blackmore and Bernie Baars

See also pictures from the 2004 End of Consciousness Party.

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