Photos from the "End of Consciousness" party, held at the end of the 2008 "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, at the Cushing Street Bar and Grill in Tucson on April 12, 2008.

With Andy Clark

Michael Tye and Tamar Weber

Christof Koch and Alison Gopnik

Rafi Malach and Uzi Awret

Sam Hameroff and Jim Laukes


Jon Powell, XX, Sam Coleman, Kyla Hoffbauer

Film crew in action: "What is reality?"

Andy Clark and Rupert Sheldrake

John Jacobsen and Tasha ZZ

Jorge Goncalves and XX

Christof Koch and Heather Berlin

Ron Chrisley, Andy Clark, and Phineas Gage frog

Daniel Langleben, David Hubbard, XX, YY, Adrian Owen

Dylan Murray and David Pitt

Anand Rangarajan and Keith Turausky

Alison Gopnik and Alvy Ray Singer

With Jonathan Vanballenberghe, Sharon Wahl, Andy Clark


The Theory

See also pictures from Tucson 2008.

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