Photos from Tucson 2008, the eighth Tucson "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, from April 8-12, 2008.

Wolf Singer on neural synchrony

Christof Koch and Stuart Hameroff, debating

Susanna Siegel, Barry Komisaruk, Rafi Malach, Alison Gopnik

Tom Ray, XX, Frank Echenhofer

Andy Clark and Michael Tye

Walter Freeman

Philip Zelazo and Karl Pribram

Ted Hazelton and Bill Seager

Christof Koch and Stan Dehaene

Maurizio Benazzo and Stuart Hameroff

With Maja Spener

Eric Schwitzgebel and Pär Sundtröm

Texas boys: Robert Howell, Brad Thompson, Philippe Chuard, Michael Tye, Enrico Grube

Adele and Andrew Behar

Mountain lion

Rupert Sheldrake and Gino Yu

Bill Banks, Bernie Baars, Uzi Awret

Amna Al-Faki

Gerard Blommestijn

Benjamin Young

Brian Fiala

Nick Day and Tom Tower

From Sara Bizarro's poster on "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Werner Krieglstein, Daniel Krieglstein, Keith Turausky

Czarina Sharpe and Jessica Rafka

Adrian Owen, David Hubbard, Daniel Langleben

Mike Bruno and Andy Clark

Poetry Slam winners: The Rime of the Conscious Mariner

The Brains

See also pictures from the 2008 End of Consciousness Party.

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