Photos from the "End of Consciousness" party, held at the end of the 2010 "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference in Tucson on April 17, 2010.

With Stuart Hameroff

Jeff Warren and Carole Brooks Platt

Anastasia and Irina Gorbunova

Phil Goff and David Pitt

Chase Masterson and Sam Hameroff

Ken Williford and Keith Turausky

Anya Farennikova and Henrik Ehrsson

With David Pearce, Keith Turausky, Galen Strawson

Music team

Angie Harris and Berit Brogaard

Dueling cameras

Ingrid Frederikson and David Kahn

Kyla Hoffbauer and Jon Powell

With Carole Brooke Platt and magic rings

Magic ring

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