The Conscious Mind:
In Search of a Fundamental Theory

by David J. Chalmers    


This book was published with Oxford University Press in April 1996. It started life as my Ph. D. dissertation at Indiana University (1993), and was revised into a book by adding some new chapters, tightening up the arguments, and making it more accessible. A paperback edition has just been published. The price is $14.95 in the US.

The book is an extended study of the problem of consciousness. After setting up the problem, I argue that reductive explanation of consciousness is impossible (alas!), and that if one takes consciousness seriously, one has to go beyond a strict materialist framework. In the second half of the book, I move toward a positive theory of consciousness with fundamental laws linking the physical and the experiential in a systematic way. Finally, I use the ideas and arguments developed earlier to defend a form of strong artificial intelligence and to analyze some problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics.


You can order the paperback at a 20% discount through its web page at books. This has two nice unsolicited reviews thrown in for good measure. You can also order the hardback at 30% off.

The book also has its own web page at Oxford University Press. (If you have sharp eyes you'll notice a slightly different cover.). Oxford doesn't seem to have web ordering set up (see their order page), but within the US you can order by phone at 1-800-451-7556, or by e-mailing (or for UK readers).

Or order the Italian translation here.

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