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australasian philosophy family tree

This is an attempt at a family tree for Australasian philosophy. It consists of Australasian philosophers (by nationality, PhD, or teaching position) and various relatives, related by the Ph.D. supervisor relation or nearest equivalent. Australasia here is at least Australia and New Zealand, with philosophers from neighboring areas such as Singapore also eligible. Non-Australasian philosophers are included roughly when they are supervisors or supervisees of Australasian philosophers.

This can be considered part of the philosophy family tree project, and is subject to roughly the same general principles outlined there. It is quite incomplete. Please email any additions and corrections to ausphiltree at gmail dot com.

W.V. Quine
               David Lewis
                              Richard Routley/Sylvan
                                             Malcolm Rennie
                                                            Ross Phillips
                                                                           Ben Chui
                                             Dominic Hyde
                                                            David Parsons
                                                            Stephen Watson
                                             David Bennett
                                             Andre Fuhrmann
                                             Nicholas Griffin
                                             Igor Urbas
                                             Arthur Witherall
                              David Lumsden
                                             Alastair Gunn
                                                            Rosemary De Luca
                                                            Ron Smith
                                             Steven Foulds
                              Stuart Brock
                                             Katie Hamilton
                                             Anton Killin
                              Laurie Paul
                                             Sara Bernstein
                                             Dana Goswick
                              John Collins
                              Simon Keller
                              Cei Maslen
               Gilbert Harman
                              Graham Oppy
                                             Paul Atkinson
                                             Lesley Caust
                                             John Maher
                                             Jim Rountree
                                             Susan Sulcs
                                             Michael Taylor
                                             Nick Trakakis
                                             Brian Weatherson
                              Michaelis Michael
                                             Graham Purchase
                                             Andrew Westcombe
                                             Adam Dickerson
                                             Andrew Westcombe
                                             Witold Wiszniewski
                                             Simon Floth
                                             Martinho Castro
                                             Amitavo Islam
                                             Max Rabie
                                             James Bucknell.
                              Ian Gold
                                             John O’Dea
                              Fiona Cowie
                              Richard Joyce
               Michael Devitt
                              Karen Green
                                             Jacqueline Broad
                                             Mark English
                                             Helen Prosser
                                             Michael McGann
                                             Elizabeth Sund
                              Murat Aydede
                              Carrie Figdor
                              Richard Hanley
                              James Haynes
                              Rob McDonald
                              Bruce Umbaugh
                              Felipe Amaral
                              Francesco Pupa
                              David Pereplyotchik
                              Amanda Bryant
                              Romina Padro
               Burton Dreben
                              Charles Parsons
                                             James Higginbotham
                                                            Susan Dwyer
                                                            Britta Jensen
               Thomas Scanlon
                              John Campbell (Latrobe)
                                             Dean Cocking
                                             Charles Ling
                                             Brian Zamulinski

H.A. Prichard
               H.H. Price
                              Brian Ellis
                                             Frank Jackson
                                                            Denis Robinson
                                                                           Tracy Bowell
                                                                           Wendy Weideli
                                                                           Steven Alexander Greenwood
                                                            Alec Hyslop
                                                                           Michael Dix
                                                            James Chase
                                                                           Graham Wood
                                                            Daniel Nolan
                                                                           Elizabeth Barnes
                                                                                          Richard Caves
                                                                                          Carl Warom
                                                                           Matthew Hammerton
                                                                           Alex Sandgren
                                                            Philippa Rothfield
                                                                           Joanne Faulkner
                                                            Caroline West
                                                                           John Hadley
                                                            Nicholas Agar
                                                                           Damien Cole
                                                                           Dan Weijers
                                                            Monima Chadha
                                                            Angela Mendelovici
                                                            Joseph Mintoff
                                                            Chris Murphy
                                                            Ian Ravenscroft
                                                            Kevin Wilkinson
                                                            Kai Yee Wong
                                             John Fox
                                                            Andrew Giles-Peters
                                                                           Hermes Chidammodzi
                                                                           Peter Murphy
                                                                           George Vassilacopoulos
                                             Robert Pargetter
                                                            Damian Verdnik
                                             Karey Harrison
                                             Barbara Davidson
                              Storrs McCall
               J.L. Austin
                              Graham Nerlich
                                             Bruce Langtry
                                                            Len O’Neill
                                                                           Vojislav Bozickovic
                                                                           Barbara Grey
                                                                           Wayne Patterson
                                                                           Adrian Walsh
                                                            Francine Baker
                                                            Nicholas Tonti-Filippini
                                                            John Weckert
                                             Sue Knight
                                                            Carol Collins
                                             Ian Hunt
                              Bill Bonney
                                             Kim Sterelny
                                                            Rachael Brown
                                                            Brett Calcott
                                                            Adrian Currie
                                                            John Fitzpatrick
                                                            Ben Fraser
                                                            Ivan Gonzalez-Cabrera
                                                            Paul Griffiths
                                                                           Idan ben Barak
                                                                           Adam Hochman
                                                                           Pierrick Bourrat
                                                                           Daniel Schweitzer
                                                            Ben Jeffares
                                                            James Maclaurin
                                                            John Matthewson
                                                            Karen Neander
                                                            Brant Pridmore
                                                            Stewart Saunders
                              Annette Baier
                                             Celia Wee

J.N. Findlay
               Arthur Prior
                              Genevieve Lloyd
                                             Penelope Deutscher
                                                            Sarah Bachelard
                                                            Frances Gray
                                                            Catherine Mills
                                                            Jack Reynolds
                                                                           Jon Roffe
                                                                           Tessa Saunders
                                                                           Richard Sebold
                                                                           Paul Barry
                                                                           James Burrowes
                                                                           David Rowe
                                                                           Stephen Abblitt
                                                                           Antonia Pont
                                                            Evelyn Swinnerton
                                                            Roe Sybylla
                                             Rosalyn Diprose
                                                            Erika Kerruish
                                                            Sal Renshaw
                                                            Sarah Rice
                                                            Matthew Paull
                                                            Matheson Russell
                                                            Karen Williams
                                                            Sarah Sorial
                                             Catriona Mackenzie
                                                            Kim Atkins
                                                                           Lynne Reddan
                                                                           Leesa Wisby
                                                            Sharon Gaby
                                                            Martin Kelly
                                                            Jacqui Poltera
                                                            John Quilter
                                                            Mary Walker
                                                            Brennan Jacoby
                                                            David Wallace
                                                            Tereza Hendl
                                                            Wendy Carlton
                                                            Sacha Molitorisz
                                             Megan Laverty
                                                            John Fantuzzo
                                                            Daniel Hendrickson
                                                            Mark Jonas
                                                            Yoshiaki Nakazawa
                                             Adam Dickerson
                                             Christopher Falzon
                                             Robyn Ferrell
                                             Maurita Harney
                                                            Anya Daly
                                                            Alec McHoul
                                             Sandy Lynch
                                             Tina McWilliam
                              Richard Campbell
                                             Petronella Campbell
                                             Robin Small
                                             Erica Roberts
                                             Richard Chadwick
                                             Glenda Kuhl
                                             Michael Davis
                              Max Cresswell
                                             Rob Goldblatt
                                                            Keith Daynes
                                             Heikki-Pekka Innala
                                             Wilfred Malcolm
                                             Jeff Ross
                              Jonathan Bennett
                              Robert Bull
                              Ronald Butler
                              Kit Fine
                              Eddie Hughes

Gilbert Ryle
               J.J.C. Smart
                              Jeff Malpas
                                             Pauline Enright
                                             Robert Flynn
                                             Stone Lee
                                             Stephan Millett
                                             James Phillips
                                             Pedro Tabensky
                                             Sonam Thakchoe
                                             Shaun Wilson
                              Henry Krips
                                             Howard Sankey
                                                            Tim Lyons
                                                            Stephen Ames
                                                            Aaron Smith
                                                            Cristian Soto
                              Mark Colyvan
                                             Kristie Miller
                                                            James Norton
                                                            Michael Duncan
                                             Mitch Parsell
                                             Katie Steele
                                             Fabian Medvecky
                                             Adam LaCaze
                                             Steven Robertson
                              A.T.H. Rahman
                              Phillip Wiebe
               A.J. Ayer
                              Greg O’Hair
                                             Robert Young
                                                            Rodney Allen
                                                            Penny Davies
                                                            Susan Dodds
                                                                           Renee Kyle
                                                                           Nicole Gerrand
                                                                           Eliza Goddard
                                                            Toula Nicolacopoulos
                                                            Tamara Zutlevics
                                             Dale Lambert
                                             Trevor Maddock
                              Andrew Brennan
                                             Mick Smith
                                             Andy Clark
                                             Mauro Gruen
                                             Norva Y. S. Lo
                                             Georgiana Kirkham
               Terrence Penner
                              Alan Code
                                             Allan Silverman
                                                            Dirk Baltzly
                                                                           Timothy Gaden
                                                                           Joanne Van Ryn
                                                                           Daniel Vine
                                                                           Simon Burgess
                                                                           Neil Levy
                                                                                          Bennett Foddy
                                                                                          Dominique Martin
               Michael Bradley
                              George Djukic
                              Peter Lavskis
                              Michael Rowan
                              Daniel Shaw
               William Ginnane

Hans Reichenbach
               Hilary Putnam
                              Paul Benacerraf
                                             Philip Kitcher
                                                            Peter Godfrey-Smith
                                                                           Matthew Barrett
                                                                           Ben Escoto
                                                                           Robert Jones
                                                                           Ken Reisman
                                                                           Janet Stemwedel               
                                                                           Michael Weisberg
                                                            Michael Selgelid
                                                                           Nicholas Evans
                                                                           Jonathan Herington
                                                                           Joy Mendel
                                                                           Christopher Gyngell
                                                                           Julian Koplin
                                             Gideon Rosen
                                                            Stephan Leuenberger
                                                                           Neil McDonnell
                                                            Nicholas J.J. Smith
                                             Ronald De Sousa
                                                            Deborah Brown
                                                                           Paul Murray
                                             Fred Kroon
                              Ned Block
                                             Daniel Stoljar
                                                            Ben Blumson
                                                            Yuri Cath
                                                            Ryan Cox
                                                            Liam Dwyer
                                                            Jonathan Farrell
                                                            Alexandra George
                                                            Daniel Gregory
                                                            Yujin Nagasawa
                                                                           Toby Betenson
                                                                           Leland Harper
                                                                           Nader Alsamaani
                                                            Karen Riley
                                                            Peter Tsu Shiu-Hwa
                                                            Renee Smith
                                                            David Wall
                                             Adam Pautz
                              Robert Farrell
                                             Massimo Bini
                                             Fiona Patterson
                                             Joel Roach
                                             Brian Twohig
                                             Zelimir Vukasinovic
                              David Macarthur
                                             Tristan Haze
               Adolf Grunbaum
                              Bas Van Fraassen
                                             Alan Hajek
                                                            John Cusbert
                                                            Aidan Lyon
                                                            Weng Hong Tang
                                             Antony Eagle
               Carl Hempel
                              Jaegwon Kim
                                             Jordi Fernandez
                                             Uriah Kriegel
               Wesley Salmon
                              Robert McLaughlin

G.E. Moore
               Casimir Lewy
                              Ian Hacking
                                             John Bigelow
                                                            Stephen Clarke
                                                                           Richard Lucas
                                                            Adrian Heathcote
                                                                           Jenny Duke-Yonge
                                                            Jeremy Aarons
                                                            Sam Butchart
                                                            Alan Crooke/Crosier
                                                            Oleg Donskikh
                                                            Toby Handfield
                                                            Alec Hyslop               
                                                            Edward Khamara
                                                            Martin Leckey
                                                            Neil McKinnon
                                                            Chris Murphy
                                                            Konrad Talmont-Kaminski
                                                            Brian Twohig
                                                            William Webster
                                             David Papineau
                                                            Richard Menary
                                                                           Jane Lymer
                                                                           Michael Kirchhoff
                                                                           Kate Lynch
                                                            Jake Chandler
                              Simon Blackburn
                                             Michael Smith
                                                            Jeanette Kennett
                                                                           Mianna Lotz
                                                                           Stephen Coleman
                                                                           Doug McConnell
                                                                           Anke Snoek
                                                                           Jessica Wolfendale
                                                                           Jillian Craigie
                                                            Daniel Cohen
                                                                           Adrian Bunn
                                                                           Hui Jin
                                                            Josh Parsons
                                                                           Hannah Clark-Younger
                                                            Derek Baker
                                                            Linda Barclay
                                                            Richard Yetter Chappell
                                                            Anthony Cross
                                                            Hrishikesh Joshi
                                                            Eden Lin
                                                            Errol Lord
                                                            Jennie Louise
                                                            Tristram McPherson
                                                            Gabriel Mendlow
                                                            Vanessa Schouten
                                                            Jada Twedt Strabbing
                                                            Karen Van Der Broek
                                                            Daniel Wodak
                                             Cynthia Macdonald
                                             Carrie Jenkins

Ludwig Wittgenstein
               A.C. Jackson
                              Graeme Marshall
                                             Paolo Baracchi
                                             Karin Christiansen
                                             Linda Ethell
                                             Tamas Pataki
                                             Ray Prebble
                              David Armstrong
                                              Brian Birchall
                                                             Mark Weblin
                                                             Brian Wild
                                              Paul Hager
                                              Elizabeth Prior
                              William Joske
                                             John Gill
                                                            Philip Almond
               G.E.M. Anscombe
                              Michael Dummett
                                             Peter Roeper
                                                            Dale Broadribb
                                                            Peter Eldridge-Smith
                                                            Drew Khlentzos
                                                            John Lonergan
                                                            Mark Pallas
                                                            Christina Slade
                                                            Ryan Young
                                             Barry Taylor
                                                            Damian Cox
                                                            Jan Crosthwaite
                                                            Yanna Rider
                                                            Rudolf Teuwsen
                                             Timothy Williamson
                                                            Wylie Breckenridge
                                                            Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
                                                            Nico Silins
                              Rosalind Hursthouse
                                             Bronwyn Finnigan
                                             David Hunter
                              Jenny Teichman
               Douglas Gasking

Richard Hare
               Bernard Williams
                              Fiona Jenkins
                                             Louise Bassett
                                             Catherine Mills
                                             Lambros Phillipou
                                             Jack Reynolds
                                             Undine Sellbach
                                             Anthony Hayes
                                             Alexander Karolis
                                             Erturk Demirel
                                             Drew Ninnis
                              John Bishop
                                             Matthew Jack
                                             Ruth Walker
                                             Imran Aijaz
                                             Zain Ali
                                             Olwyn Stewart
                              Kinch Hoekstra
                                             Thomas Besch
                                                            Ben Cross
                                                            Stuart Wong
               Peter Singer
                              Julian Savulescu
                                             Thomas Douglas
                                             Ainsley Newson
                                             Dominic Wilkinson
                              Helga Kuhse
                              Udo Schuklenk

Theodore Crowley
               Philip Pettit
                              David West
                                             Michael Carr
                                             Tom Clarke
                                             Kate Krinks
                                             Glenn Worthington
                              David Braddon-Mitchell
                                             Jason Grossman
                                             Richard Hou
                                             Robyn Kath
                                             Raamy Majeed
                                             Chan Lok-Chi
                                             Nathan Sinclair
                                             Sam Baron
                              Andrew Brien
                              Campbell Brown
                              Sandra Field
                              Philip Gerrans
                              Andrew Gleeson
                              Jakob Hohwy
                                             Warren du Preez
                                             Bryan Paton
                                             Colin Palmer
                                             Ryoji Sato
                              Dennis Loughrey
                              Deborah Russell
                              David Ryan

John Anderson
               John Passmore
                              Aubrey Townsend
                                             Steve Matthews
                              Andrew Barker
                              Raymond Bradley
                              David Heron
                              David Mallock
                              John Mills
                              Robert Nola
                                             Talia Sellars
                              Kenneth Pont
                              David Whewell
                              Maxwell Wright
               Percy Partridge
                              Eugene Kamenka
                                             Clare O’Farrell
                              N.C. Bhattacharyya
                              John Powell
               David Stove
                              Peter Forrest
                                             Robert Anderson
                                             Allison Manion
                                             Janice Reilly
                              Paul Hyland
               John Mackie

Karl Popper
               Alan Musgrave
                              Helen Brooks
                              Colin Cheyne
                              Terry Dartnall
                              Malcolm Haddon
                              John Nyhof
               Imre Lakatos
                              Gregory Currie
                                             Catharine Abell
                                             Jon Jureidini
                              Jeremy Shearmur
                                             Ali Abedi Renani
                                             Frances Daly
                                             John Shellard
                                             Matthew Webb
                                             Lucie White
               John Watkins
                              Graham Oddie
                                             Andrew Holster
                                             Chris Kelly
                                             Michelle Montague
                                             Roy Perrett
                              Fred D’Agostino

C.I. Lewis
               Norman Malcolm
                              Sydney Shoemaker
                                             John Perry
                                                            Mark Crimmins
                                                                           Laura Schroeter
                                                            Stefano Franchi
                                                                           Geoffrey Roche
                                             Robert Wilson
                                                            Emma Chien
                                                            Nicolas Bullot
                                                            James Bachmann
                                                            Bartomiej Lenart
                                                            Peter Asaro
               Roderick Chisholm
                              Joseph Camp
                                             Allen Hazen
                                                            Stephen Barker
                                                            Lynda Burns
                                                            John Love
                                             Stephen Hetherington
               Roderick Firth
                              Hubert Dreyfus
                                             John Haugeland
                                                            Tim Van Gelder

Ross Chambers
               Anne Freadman
                              Michelle Boulous Walker
                                             Marguerite La Caze
                                                            Matthew Piscioneri
                                                            Leila Shotton
                                                            Cynthia Townley
                                                            Carol Booth
                                                            Jennifer Ang
                                                            Paul Formosa
                                                            Matthew Paul
                                                            Zeena Elton
                                                            Kaye Gersch
                                                            Andrew Wiltshire
                                                            Terrilyn Swee
                                             Angela Hirst
                                             Virginia Berry
                                             Terri Field
                                             Matthew Lamb
                                             Julie Kelso
                                             Jean Byrne
                                             Marco Motta
                                             Carole Ramsey
                                             Laura Roberts
                                             Matthew Gildersleeve

Hugh Mellor
               Huw Price
                              Phil Dowe
                                             Gwen Nettlefold
                                             Angela Rosier
                              Catherine Legg
                              Luke Russell
                              Brad Weslake
                              Peter Evans
                              Karim Thebault
                              Karen Crowther
                              Ali Navabi
                              Shan Gao
                              Georgie Statham
                              Matt Simpson
               William Grey
                              Kashonia Carnegie
                              David Hamilton
                              Kai-En Lee
               Robin Lepoidevin
                              Heather Dyke
                              Stephen Mumford
                                             Eugenio Lombardo
                                             Morgan Luck

Robert Feys
               John Burnheim
                              Moira Gatens
                                             Aurelia Armstrong
                                                            Richard Colledge
                                                            Ashley Woodward
                                                            Jason Cullen
                                                            Juliana Mercon
                                                            Renee England
                                                            Sam Harper-Russell
                                             Simone Bignall
                                             Lucy Burgmann
                                             Kim Castle
                                             Millicent Churcher
                                             Simon Duffy
                                             Helene Frichot
                                             Kari Greenswag
                                             Sarah Drews Lucas
                                             Julie MacKenzie
                                             Louise Richardson-Self
                                             Celia Roberts
                                             Linnell Secomb
                                             Elisabeth Thomas
                                             Kathryn Vasseleu

Gyorgy Lukacs
               George Markus
                              Paul Redding
                                             Simon Lumsden
                                             William McClure
                                             Justine McGill
                                             Melissa McMahon
                                             Peter Murray
                                             Alison Ross
                                             Philip Quadrio
                                             Jane Johnson
                                             Annette Pierdziwol
                                             Andres van Toledo
                                             Talia Morag
                                             Frances Massey
                                             Byron Clugston
                              John Grumley
                                             Mathew Abbott
                              Robert Sinnerbrink
                              Michael Eldred
               Agnes Heller
                              John Rundell
                              David Rathbone

Nuel Belnap
               Robert Meyer
                              Michael McRobbie
                                             Miguel De Castro
                              John Slaney
                                             Jacques Riche
                              Stephen Giambrone
                              Peter Lavers
                              Errol Martin
                              Paul Thistlewaite
               Michael Dunn
                              Edwin Mares
                                             Ismay Barwell
                                             David Hadorn
                                             Marjan Kljakovic
                                             Kasper Christensen
                                             David Gilbert
                                             Frieder Lempp
                                             Agata Orlowicz
                              Allen Houng
                              Katalin Bimbo
               Jay Garfield
                              Anna Alomes

Gerd Buchdahl
               Stephen Gaukroger
                              John Sutton
                                             John Buckmaster
                                             Glenn Carruthers
                                             Russell Downham
                                             Mirko Farina
                                             Richard Heersmink
                                             Chris McCarroll
                                             Anne Monchamp
                                             Meta Regis
                                             Melanie Rosen
                                             Stephane Savanah
                                             Marina Trakas
                                             Andres Vaccari
                                             Carl Windhorst
                              Peter Anstey
                                             Kirsten Walsh
                              Donald Barry
                              Charles George
                              Diane O’Leary
                              David Simpson
                              Sally Parker-Ryan
                              Laura Kotevska

John Bell
               Graham Priest
                              Sue Ashford
                              Greg Restall
                                             Conrad Asmus
                                             Richard de Rosario
                                             George Duke
                                             Jason White
                                             Toby Meadows
                                             Sandy Boucher
                                             Gilles Bouche
                                             Simon D’Alfonso
                                             Bogdan Dicher
                              Lesley Roberts
                              Penny Rush
                              Koji Tanaka
                              Zach Weber
                                             Guillermo Badia
                                             Manuel Lechthaler
                              Filippo Casati
                              Ricki Bliss

Peter Strawson
               Gareth Evans
                              Martin Davies
                                             Anthony Atkinson
                                             Antonia Barke
                                             Lisa Bortolotti
                                             Jessica Brown
                                             Sean Crawford
                                             Philippe Chuard
                                             Nic Damjanovic
                                             Martin Smith
                                             Mark Greenberg
                                             Menno Lievers
                                             Neil C. Manson
                                             Kieron O’Hara
                                             Murali Ramachandran
                                             Karen Riley
                                             Nigel Shardlow
                              John A. Burgess
               Tim Oakley

Douglas Hofstadter
               David Chalmers
                              Tim Bayne
                                             Peter V. Forrest
                                             Andrew Routledge
                              Jens Christian Bjerring
                              David Bourget
                              Michael Bruno
                              Jacek Brzozowski
                              Edward Elliott
                              Ole Koksvik
                              Farid Masrour
                              Kelvin McQueen
                              Brian Rabern
                              Brentyn Ramm
                              Brad Thompson
                              Clas Weber

Anthony Kenny
               Paul Crittenden
                              William McDonald
                                             Stephen Arnott
                                             Colin Hearfield
                                             Nicole Helmy
                              Karyn Lai
                                             Jasim Uddin
                                             Ranie Villaver
                              Philip Barker
                              Simon Barker
                              Creagh Cole
                              Margaret Grafton
                              Marnie Hanlon
                              David Leabeater
                              Julius Rocca

A. Boyce Gibson
               Wallis Suchting
                              Paul Patton
                                             Miriam Bankovsky
                                             Sean Bowden
                                             Peter Cook
                                             Adrian Mackenzie
                                             Michael Phillips
                                             David Sutton
                                             Stephen Zepke
                                             Paula Keating
                                             Craig Lundy
                                             Mark Nielsen
                                             Daniel McLouglin
                                             Mike Hale

Max Deutscher
               Marion Tapper
                              Damian Byers
                                             David Langsford
                              Brendan Higgins
                              Felicity Joseph
                              Jeremy Moss
                              David Rathbone
                              Sean Ryan
                              Matthew Sharpe
                                             Christopher Pollard
                              Peter Ujvari
               John Dalton
               Roland Kapferer
               Daniel Nicholls

Robert Stalnaker
               Roger White
                              Nilanjan Das
                              Owain Evans
                              Daniel Greco
                              Sophie Horowitz
                              Susanna Rinard
                              Bernhard Salow
                              Miriam Schoenfield
                              Katia Vavova
               R.A. Briggs
               Damien Rochford
               Paolo Santorio

John Rawls
               Michael Stocker
                              Dean Cocking
                              Justin Oakley
                                             Russell Blackford
               Thomas Pogge
                              Christian Barry
                                             Luara Ferracioli
                                             Joanne Lau
                                             Jonathan Pickering
                                             Robert Kirby
                              Rosa Terlazzo
                              Alejandra Mancilla

Alexander Mourelatos
               Rick Benitez
                              Timothy Buckley
                              Philippa Byers
                              Mary Ducey
                              Jacques Duvoisin
                              Martin McAvoy
                              Soon Ng
                              Antonios Theodoropoulos
                              Patrick Yong

Ruby Meager
               Stephen Davies
                              Allen Beever
                              Vaughan Guenter
                              Matthew Jack
                              Vanya Kovach
                              Grant Tavinor
                              Daniel Wilson
                              Nick Beckinsale
                              Douglas Nyce
                              Zach Norwood

Nancy Cartwright
               Peter Menzies
                              Suzy Bliss
                              Daniel Nolan
                              Maria Trochatos
                              Mark Walker
                              David Wilson
                              Wilson Coooper
                              Joel Stafford
                              Stephanie Rennick

H.L.A. Hart
               Chin Liew Ten
                              Jo Asscher
                              Steve Curry
                              Yasmine Fauzee
                              David Neil
                                             Kylie Bourne
               R.E. Ewin
               John Finnis
               David Hodgson

Derek Parfit
               Brian Garrett
                              Katrina Hutchison
                              Robert Nichols
                              Simon Rose
               Garrett Cullity
                              Matthew Harvey
                              Rosemary Lowry
                              Esther Speight
                              Nicole Vincent
               Timothy Mulgan

Martin Bell
               Daniel Hutto
                              Colin Rittberg
                              Zuzia Ruciniska
                              Rebecca Jacobson
                              Britt Harrison
                              Christoph Salge
                              John O’Regan
                              Jamie Turnbull
                              Jo French

Donald Davidson
               Stephen Yablo
                              Karen Bennett
                                             Colin Klein
                              Andy Egan
                              Alexander Miller
               Harry Lewis
                              Ming Tan
                              Bill Wringe

Norman Kemp Smith
               George Elder Davie
                              Knud Haakonssen
                                             Derek Brookes
                                             Stephen Buckle
                                             Astrid Gesche
                                             Luke O’Sullivan
                                             Dawn Partridge

Morton White
               Margaret Wilson
                              Rae Langton
                                             Lauren Ashwell
                                             Thomas Dougherty
                                             Adam Hosein
                                             Christopher Robichaud
                                             Kenneth Walden

Basil Mitchell
               Ian Kesarcodi-Watson
                              Purushottama Bilimoria
                                             Yoo-Kiang Liew
                              Henry Cruise
                              Peter Fenner
                                             Peter Kakol
                                             Leesa Davis

Geoffrey Hunter
               Roderic Girle
                              Ian Hinckfuss
                                             Gregory Bamford
                                             Gilbert Burgh
                                             Tuan Nuyen
                              David Legg

Eric D’Arcy
               Ian Weeks
                              Brian Edgar
                              Anne Tyndall
                              Robin Lathangue
                              Vivien Pellis
                              Michael Leahy

Jacques Lacan
               Jacques-Alain Miller
                              Russell Grigg
                                             Oliver Feltham
                                             Colin Fowler
                                             Timothy O’Leary
                                             Andrew Sims

Saul Kripke
               Mark Johnston
                              Alex Byrne
                              Cody Gilmore
                              Caspar Hare
                                             Brian Hedden
                              Natalie Stoljar

Brian Barry
               Robert Goodin
                              Stephanie Collins
                              Hamish Cowan
                              Holly Lawford-Smith
                              Robert Sparrow
                              Nic Southwood
               Christine Swanton

Barry Loewer
               Jonathan Schaffer
                              Aisling Crean
                              Dan Marshall
                              Tobias Wilsch
               Michael Strevens

Stanley Benn
               Gerald Gaus
                              Daniel Skubik
               Kevin Batt
               Colin Davies
               John Kleinig

Dana Scott
               Lloyd Humberstone
                              Thomas Bull
               Jack Copeland
               Krister Segerberg

Gerard O’Brien
               Jon Opie
               Elizabeth Schier
               Mark Simms
               Chris Letheby

H.J. McCloskey
               John Chandler
                              Peter Woolcock
                              Winston Nesbitt
               Charles Pigden
               Gail Tulloch

William Kneale
               Anthony Coady
                              Anna Corbo Crehan
                              Seumas Miller
                              Jeremy Moss
                              Peter Drum

Scott Soames
               Fiona Cowie
               Richard Holton
                              Kate Manne
               Jonathan McKeown-Green
               Gillian Russell

Len Goddard
               Brenda Judge
                              Leo Hynes
               Ross Brady
               Joan Northrop

Christopher Cordner
               Andrew Gaff
               Patrick Stokes
               Steven Tudor
               Craig Taylor

Paul Feyerabend
               Neil Thomason
                              Maureen Christie
                              John Wilkins

C.B. McCullagh
               Brian Mooney
                              Parnawa Putranta
                              Phillip Matthews

Douglas Adeney
               Aristides Galatis
               Thomas Johnson
               Cristina Neesham

Christopher Martin
               Nicholas H. Smith
                              Damion Buterin
                              Peter Schmiedgen

Hans Wagner
               Udo Thiel
                              Richard Berkeley
                              Elizabeth Coleman

Don Mannison
               John Atkins
               Robert Elliot
               Martin Taylor

Jan Srzednicki
               Lynne Broughton
               Andrew Theophanous
               David Wood

Geoffrey Brennan
               Jan-Willem Burgers
               Marlene Eggert
               Christopher White

Frances Egan
               Justine Kingsbury
               Alex Morgan

Chris Mortensen
               Edwin Coleman
               W. Martin Davies

Michael Oakeshott
               Brian Beddie
               Eric Dowling

Franz Neumann
               Herbert A. Deane
                              Maurice Goldsmith

Jocelyn Dunphy-Blomfield
               Michael Jasper
               Noela Stratford

Ross Poole
               Ken Cussen
               Andrew Mason

David Cooper
               Paul McDonald
                              Joseph Naimo

Richard Rudner
               Gary Malinas
                              Peter Novak

James Tully
               Peta Bowden
                              Marc Fellman

Brian Scarlett
               Emma Rush
               James Tapley

R.F. Holland
               Raimond Gaita
                              Drew Carter
                              Craig Taylor

John Broome
               James Morauta
               Daniel Star

Andre Gallois
               Robert Dunn
                              Fabian Sack

Terence Irwin
               Stephen Gardiner
               Karen Jones

Georgia Warnke
               Glenn Pettigrove
                              Nicholas Ryan Smith

Myles Brand
               Julian Young
                              Dominic Griffiths

Kevin Presa
               Kevin Hart

Don Gunner
               Geoffrey Marnell

Mary McCloskey
               Stanislas Van Hooft

George Couvalis
               W. Martin Davies

George Molnar
               Harry Beran

Jerrold Levinson
               Andrew Kania

Alan White
               John Williams

Janna Thompson
               Maurice Rickard

Dieter Henrich
               Marcello Stamm

John Clendinnen
               John Wright

Cliff Hooker
               Barry Hodges

Richard Yeo
               Jennifer Tannoch-Bland

Michael Symonds
               Sarah Redshaw

Jean-Francois Marquet
               Jean-Philippe Deranty

John Colman
               Anna Taitslin

Frank White
               Moira Nicholls

Patsy Hallen
               Michael Booth

Alec McHoul
               Malcolm Riddoch

Allan Johnston
               Douglas Kirsner

Bruin Christensen
               Richard Chadwick

Paul Thom
               John Gregory

Kim Lycos
               Gerald Atkinson

Thomas Mautner
               Aleksander Fatic

Philip Cam
               Tomek Prawdzic-Tell

James Griffin
               Andrew Moore

Heinz Post
               Alan Chalmers

Lynn Gillam
               Kyle Anstey

Walter Kaufmann
               Michael Tooley

Nel Noddings
               Inna Semetsky

John Watling
               John Forge

Donald Crawford
               Robert Wicks

Alexander Rueger
               Patrick McGivern

Keith Campbell
               Suzanne Uniacke

Johan van Benthem
               Patrick Girard

Ronald Dworkin
               Jeremy Waldron

Achille Varzi
               Alison Fernandes

Richard Holton
               Kate Manne

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