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video: performance attempts

Zombie Blues at the 2010 Qualia Fest. Zombie Blues with the New York Consciousness Collective (Richard Brown, Dan Leafe, and Gary Ostertag) at the Parkside Lounge on the Lower East Side. The cameraman on the side is filming for the Through the Wormhole video above. With guest verses by Pete Mandik, Ben Abelson (who also does the introduction), and E.J. Lee.

Zombie Blues at Tucson 2012: Occupy Consciousness. I think this is the best version of the zombie blues online: great band, my shouting is slightly less atrocious than usual, and some of the others are excellent (here’s another angle). We, the zombies, are the 99 percent. (Tucson, April 2012.)

Zombie Blues at Tucson 2014: Consciousness is in the Hair. I’m hoarse, but there are some good guest verses. I’m fond of the pre-song riff, in which you find out how I became a zombie.

Zombie Blues at Tucson 2004. This atrocious version (or the alternative recording here) alas seems to be the one that most people have seen. That said, it’s part of the point that a zombie (at least a nomologically possible one) wouldn’t really be able to sing the blues.

Sensual. A remarkable and catchy song about the rationalism-empiricist debate by Dorian Electra and the Electrodes. I make a guest appearances as a pompous rationalist, and Baba Brinkman raps a superb verse on the scientific state of play. See also Dorian’s cult classic What Mary Didn’t Know.

Extended Cognition Movie. A surreal silent movie by some English students based on “The Extended Mind”, including a scene where I (the beer-swilling Aussie) burn Andy’s notebook and therefore his mind. Unfortunately the wonderful music had to be removed for copyright reasons.

Flesh Computer. A short and slightly gruesome noir film by Ethan Shaftel in which I appear as myself, talking about consciousness on a TV in the background. Thanks to this film, I have a Bacon number of 3 to go with my Erdös number of 4 (via Rabern, Rabern, Kostochka), or 1 if a photo with Erdös counts.

Jack: A Musical Tribute to Jack Smart. A wonderful piece in three acts composed by Kit Fine on the occasion of his 2010 Jack Smart Lecture. Sung by Geoff Brennan with piano by Kit (Canberra, 2010).

Hi Ned. A video in honor of my colleague Ned Block’s 2009 Jack Smart Lecture at ANU. (Canberra, June 2009.)

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