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I spend a lot of time organizing things (this is a good work-avoidance strategy). Here are some of the organizations I’m involved with.

The PhilPapers Foundation (co-director with David Bourget): This runs PhilPapers, PhilEvents, and the upcoming service PhilPeople, and jointly administers PhilJobs: Jobs for Philosophers along with the American Philosophical Association.

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (at different times co-founder, board director, president): ASSC organizes superb annual conferences around the world, cycling between the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU (co-director with Ned Block): This interdisciplinary Center organizes a major annual conference on foundational issues in the mind-brain sciences along with numerous workshop and a regular debate series.

Centre for Consciousness at ANU (director from 2004-14): The Centre (note spelling) organizes many workshops and hosts many post-doctoral fellows and visitors.

Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona (director from 2001-4): Among other activities, the Center is responsible for the biennial Tucson consciousness conferences (which I helped organize from 1996 to 2014).

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (philosophy of mind editor since 1996): This online encyclopedia has comprehensive coverage of the philosophy of mind (see this guide) as well as just about every other area of philosophy. Co-editors for philosophy of mind now include Alex Byrne, Amy Kind, Susanna Siegel, Jeff Speaks, and Daniel Stoljar.

Oxford University Press (editor of philosophy of mind book series since 2000).

Australasian Association of Philosophy (president in 2006-7).

Foundational Questions Institute (Advisory Council)


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