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video: documentaries and news pieces

The Project: Life in the Matrix A slick short piece on the simulation hypothesis for the popular Australian current affairs TV show The Project. At one point I turn the Sydney Harbour Bridge upside down.(January 2020)

What is consciousness? A little animated piece on consciousness and the brain, with audio by Christof Koch and me. Here’s also a related animated piece, “A Spark of Consciousness”, with audio by me and Danbee Kim. (June 2017)

Is life a simulation? A news piece for Fox TV in New York on the simulation hypothesis. (February 2017)

StarTalk: Is the universe a simulation?. A relaxed science talk show hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Comedian Maeve Higgins and I discussed ideas about simulations and multiverses with Neil — with bits along the way by Stephon Alexander, Brian Greene, and Bill Nye. (New York, May 2016)

What is consciousness? A glossy video on consciousness by The Economist, featuring Francis Crick, Dan Dennett, Christof Koch, Marc Raichle, and me, with bonus scenes of Washington Square Park. (September 2015.)

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. A segment from the TV show, featuring interviews with me in various New York locales (including the staircase and the lounge in the NYU philosophy department) and some bits from the Zombie Blues. There are superb visuals throughout. Some of my discussion (e.g. about attention and higher-order consciousness) is reverse-engineered on the spot to fit the visuals, so don’t take it too seriously. (New York, November 2011)

David Chalmers at the University of Arizona. A video made by the University of Arizona, with appearances by my chair Chris Maloney, students Farid Masrour and Logan Trujillo, and Stuart Hameroff. With shots of me cleaning my very green swimming pool, some old photos from Oxford days, and never-elsewhere-seen clips of a very early Zombie Blues from 2002 or so. (Tucson, 2004.)

Return to the Source: Philosophy and the Matrix. An hour-long documentary on philosophical issues in The Matrix, made for the 10-DVD box set for the movies, including me and many other philosophers. (2004)

The Hard Problem: The Science behind the Fiction. A second documentary on The Matrix, this time focusing on the connection to science. I get two credits, one for appearing and one as “Coiner of the Title Phrase”. (2004)

Tucson 1996. A news piece on the 1996 Tucson conference with younger versions of Pat Churchland, Dan Dennett, Stuart Hameroff, Christof Koch, John Searle, and me. (April 1996.)

Why are We Conscious? Another Tucson TV piece with Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose, and me. (Tucson, May 1994)

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