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Minds and Machines (fall 2019)

Proseminar (fall 2019, joint with Dick Foley)

Minds and Machines (fall 2018)

Philosophy of Mind (fall 2018, joint with Ned Block)

Proseminar (fall 2017, joint with Jane Friedman)

Philosophy of Technology (fall 2016, joint with Matthew Liao)

Minds and Machines (spring 2016)

Philosophy of Mind (fall 2015, joint with Ned Block)

Philosophical Analysis (fall 2013, joint with Michael Strevens)

Structuralism (fall 2012)

The Grounds of Intentionality (fall 2010, joint with Ted Sider)

Constructing the World (fall 2009)

Thesis Prep (fall 2011, fall 2014)


Quantum Mechanics and Free Will (2011 and 2012, joint with Craig Savage and John Hutchinson)

Structuralism (2010)


Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual (spring 2003)

Meaning, Reason, and Possibility (spring 2002)

Foundational Issues in the Science of Consciousness (fall 1999)

Philosophical Perspectives on the Individual (fall 1999)

Mind and Modality (spring 1999)

UC Santa Cruz

Paradoxes and Dilemmas (fall 1998)

Philosophy of Mind (fall 1995, fall 1996, fall 1997, fall 1998)

Philosophy of the Universe (fall 1998)

The Meaning of Life (spring 1998)

Paradoxes and Dilemmas (winter 1998)

Rationality, Identity, and Morality (winter 1998)

Computers and Minds (spring 1996, spring 1997)

Consciousness (spring 1997)

Introduction to Philosophy (winter 1996)

Philosophy of Time (winter 1996)

Washington University

Mental Content (fall 1994, joint with Keith Butler)

Consciousness (fall 1993)

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