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video (and audio): interviews

Video Interviews

Consciousness Live. An interview with Richard Brown for his weekly philosophical podcast, going in-depth on a number of philosophical points about consciousness and simulations. (New York, April 2020)

AI Podcast. An interview with Lex Fridman for his AI Podcast, touching on many issues about consciousness and AI. (New York, September 2019)

Am I My Brain?. An interview with Barbara Bleisch for the Swiss TV show (devoted to philosophy and ideas) Sternstunde Philosophie. (Zürich, June 2019)

Is the Universe Mathematical?. A nice new interview with Closer to Truth on the relationship between mathematics, consciousness, and fundamental reality. (New York, April 2019)

The Question of Ontology. A short interview with Javier Cumpa about issues in meta-ontology. (Madrid, February 2018)

The Minds Bleeds into the World. An interview with John Brockman for on philosophical themes concerning virtual reality and other technologies. (Connecticut, January 2017)

Consciousness and the universe. A wide-ranging interview with Vadim Vasilyev and Dmitri Volkov in the beautiful Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies. (Moscow, June 2016)

Skepticism and the Simulation Hypothesis. A 10-minute spiel (way too early in the morning) for the “Serious Science” group in Moscow. They also did similar 10-minute pieces with me on the hard problem and on artificial consciousness. (Moscow, June 2016)

The philosophy of virtual reality. An interview with Nigel Warburton for Aeon, featuring some nice visuals and my old Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality headset. (New York, September 2015)

Queensland META101x Interview. An interview for an online course on the philosophy of mind. Skip to the joke at 28:35. (New York, September 2015)

Do We Live in the Matrix? From consciousness to the fundamental nature of physics A wide-ranging interview with Sue Blackmore for a Swedish TV series on consciousness. (Avesta, June 2015)

Greenland Interview on Dualism and Panpsychism. Interview in an amazing location on a windy island off the west coast of Greenland. (Greenland, June 2014)

The Science of Consciousness. A pretty good Closer to Truth interview from the 2014 Tucson conference. (Tucson, April 2014)

The Consciousness Chronicles. A short/standard interview about the hard problem. (Tucson, April 2014)

Science of Consciousness: Looking Back and Looking Forward. A couple of short videos shot at Tucson 2014 by Munich philosophers. (Tucson, April 2014)

Flesh Computer. An interview done for a short movie, where I discuss consciousness in humans, animals, and machines. I discusses consciousness in humans and animals, the extended mind thesis, and other topics in an interview for the movie Flesh Computer. The movie Flesh Computer itself (which includes excerpts from this interview playing on a background TV) is worth watching. (Canberra, February 2014)

Singularity 1 on 1. A wide-ranging discussion of the technological singularity. (Canberra, March 2012)

Portrait Story. A semi-autobiographical interview on the balcony of my home in the hills outside Canberra (great trees!), associated with an interesting abstract portrait of me done by Nick Mourtzakis for the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. (Canberra, February 2012)

How Does Panpsychism Fit with Dualism and Materialism? Part of an interview at the Munich conference on “Emergence and Panpsychism”. Other parts include physicalism, metaphysics, quiddities, other minds, substance dualism vs property dualism, and god. (Munich, June 2011)

The Evolution of Technology. A brief interview about the singularity. (Tucson, April 2010)

On the evil genius and the brain in a vat. A minute-long explanation of skepticism, with props. (Tucson, April 2010)

Conversation with John Horgan. A conversation for (Canberra, May 2007.)

Why is Consciousness so Mysterious?. This Closer to Truth interview segment was a hit on YouTube. Despite the consensus of commentators, I’m not stoned in this or in any other video online. There are many other equally dodgy-looking interview segments filmed the same day here. (Irvine, April 2007)

The Science of Consciousness. An interview with Greg Alsbury at Tucson 2004. This one came out pretty well. For some reason it inspired a remarkable dance video mash-up. (Tucson, April 2004)

Thinking Allowed. Jeffrey Mishlove interviews a very young and fresh-faced past time-slice of me. (San Francisco, 1997 or so.)

Audio Interviews

80,000 Hours: David Chalmers on the Nature and Ethics of Consciousness. A 4.5 hour (!) interview with Rob Wiblin and Arden Koehler that goes deep on many issues about consciousness, AI, and ethics. Most interesting and distinctive is probably the middle hour on ethical issues tied to consciousness. There’s also a useful transcript (October 2019).

Mindscape: David Chalmers on Consciousness, the Hard Problem, and Living in a Simulation. A podcast with physicist and author Sean Carroll. There’s also a transcript for people who’d prefer reading to listening (October 2018).

The Big Idea: Panpsychism. A discussion of panpsychism with David Edmonds for the BBC World Service. (July 2018).

Science-ish: The Matrix. A podcast on ideas from The Matrix, featuring David Eagleman, Sabine Hossenfelder, Takeo Watanabe, and me. (January 2017)

Psychology Podcast: Philosopher David Chalmers thinks We Might Be Living in a Simulated Reality. Podcast discussion with psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman about simulations, consciousness, AI, and many other topics. (December 2016)

Constructed reality: Are we living in a computer simulation?. A podcast with Matt Shore of The Guardian about the universe as simulation. (December 2016)

On Pokemon Go and the Future of Reality. An interview focusing on virtual reality for ABC radio’s The Philosopher’s Zone. (July 2016)

Waking Up with Sam Harris. A podcast audio discussion of consciousness and AI with the philosopher/author Sam Harris, who turns out to have some shared history and interests. (April 2016)

How Can We Explain the Mystery of Consciousness. A discussion of consciousness on the NPR TED Radio Hour, associated with my TED talk (click arrow in top left for the audio interview). (February 2015)

From Consciousness to Synthetic Consciousness. An interview with Dublin computer scientist and journalist Waseem Akhtar for his radio show “Bridging the Gaps”. (June 2014)

Constructing the World. A long interview with the philosophical podcast “The Partially Examined Life” about my book Constructing the World. It was quite enjoyable, though we all rambled a bit. (audio) (December 2012)

Philosophy Bites (audio) – An interview with Nigel Warburton and Dave Edmunds’ well-known podcast on AI and the singularity. They manage to cover a lot of interesting material in a short time. (May 2010)

The Sci Phi Show (audio) – An phone interview (bad audio!) about consciousness and other issues. (March 2007)

Interview on Consciousness and the Hard Problem. (April 2004)

Philosophy Talk (audio) – An interview about consciousness with John Perry and Ken Taylor for their radio show Philosophy Talk. (April 2004)

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