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Thinking just happens. An interview with the student philosophy journal Stance. (December 2017)

David Chalmers thinks the hard problem is really hard. An interview with John Horgan for his Scientific American blog. (April 2017)

Ask me anything. A Reddit AMA session where users ask anything they like (February 2017).

What is it like to be a philosopher? A really extensive interview, including life story and many reflections, with Clifford Sosis for his wonderful series of interviews with philosophers. (September 2016)

What is it like to be conscious?. An interview on consciousness and other topics with Finnish students for Niin and Nain magazine. (June 2015)

Zombie blues and the hard problem of consciousness. An interview with the Irish Times about consciousness. (May 2014)

The Extended Mind. A joint interview with Andy Clark and me about our joint work on the extended mind. Lots of good stuff here. (February 2014)

On the problem of consciousness and the nature of philosophy. An extensive interview with Oslo philosophy students about consciousness and numerous other philosophical topics. (August 2013).

To the Best of Our Knowledge. A transcript of a radio interview with Steve Paulson (“To the Best of our Knowledge”) about the hard problem of consciousness. The audio is also online. (December 2010)

Mind and Consciousness: Five Questions. In-depth reflections on five autobiographical and metaphilosophical questions. (October 2008.)

Philosophos. A brief interview with Seher Yekenkurul from La Trobe University about the hard problem of consciousness. (December 2006)

Cognitive Science Online. An interview with graduate students at UC San Diego about cognitive science and consciousness. (December 2002)

Much Ado About Consciousness. An excellent in-depth interview with Andrew Chrucky, which appeared both on his excellent website and in a 1998 issue of Philosophy Now magazine. (July 1998)

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