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Website history

Back in 1994 I was one of the first philosophers to have a website. Here’s how it looked circa 1995, 1997, 2000, 2010, and 2017. Over the years it built up a lot of resources (bibliographies, lists, responses to discussions of my work) but it also gradually became more and more outdated. Some of its main functions were taken over by PhilPapers, and in recent years I hadn’t done much to keep it up to date. After 23 years it seemed time for a new website. This site was launched in September 2017.

This site was designed from top to bottom in WordPress by the amazing Jonathan Simon, postdoc extraordinaire in the Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU. Jon is the author of important philosophical work on topics from the concept of consciousness through the metaphysics of quantum mechanics to the rights of refugees and has secret talents for almost everything, including website design.

The site is hosted by David Bourget’s Center for Digital Philosophy (which also hosts PhilPapers) at the University of Western Ontario. David also built the photo search engine for the site. The Center’s Steve Pearce gave invaluable support.

Hedda Mørch, Kelvin McQueen, Albert Cotugno, and Iliana Gioulatou did great work in updating the photo galleries, tracking down links, and in updating various other aspects of the site.

I look forward to redoing the site again in 2040.

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