Guide to the Philosophy of Mind

Compiled by David Chalmers

Since 1997 I have been philosophy of mind editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. By now we have accumulated enough entries in the philosophy of mind that it's the equivalent of a pretty definitive reference work in the field. I have a certain pride in this, as I've put a lot of work into the editing of each entry, and most of the entries are superb guides to their topics. I thought it would make sense to gather all these in one place, as a useful reference for those who are especially interested in the philosophy of mind.

The first list below includes the entries classified under "philosophy of mind" in the encyclopedia. All of these were edited by me or by Daniel Stoljar, who came on board as co-editor in 2003. The second list includes some relevant entries from other areas, especially philosophy of cognitive science (edited by Barbara von Eckardt and Shaun Nichols), but also metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of action. Note that the unlinked entries are still in progress.

SEP Philosophy of Mind entries

Other relevant SEP entries