Miscellaneous Writings (David Chalmers).

This page contains a number of miscellaneous items, mostly unpublished in print, from over the years.

The two-envelope paradox

Old proto-papers

These are a few unfinished papers on a variety of subjects, mostly written around when I was graduate student at Indiana. I set these aside because I wasn't quite happy with them, or because I didn't think they were very significant, or because they evolved into something else, or because I am lazy, but looking at them now I quite enjoy them. My 1999 self may not endorse every youthful excess here, but there are some interesting bits and pieces.

  • The First-Person and Third-Person Views
  • A Taxonomy of Cognitive Jokes
  • On Spaghetti-Sorters and the Powers of Analog Computation
  • How Cartesian Dualism Might Have Been True
  • Philosophical commentaries

    These are a few commentaries I've given at philosophy conferences over the years. Often I don't write these up, but these may have enough in them to be worthwhile.

    Old Usenet postings

    In days gone by I posted to Usenet, and other mailing lists, quite a bit. There was an occasional very good discussion - at least one of my published papers resulted from this sort of thing, and I can see other traces here and there. Other postings were just intellectual curiosity or frivolity. The endless discussions of Chinese rooms and consciousness were too open-ended to excerpt here, but here are a few more specific topics.

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